>A New Bag From An Old Sweater

>I made this sweater on the Bond a few years ago:

It is made from Rowan Chunky which was given to me. Unfortunately it never fitted me properly. For a start, the sleeves were too short and it just never felt right when I wore it. It took me ages to do the cables down the front and on the sleeves and I just couldn’t bring myself to pull it out and re-use the wool. I also couldn’t bring myself to put it in a charity sack.

So I decided I would re-cycle it into a bag. On Saturday night I put it in the washing machine on a 90 degree wash – if that didn’t felt it nothing would.

This is what it looked like by the time it was dry on Sunday afternoon:

Felted Sweater For Bag
I drew a quick sketch of how I wanted the bag to look then got to work cutting up the sweater:

Felted Sweater Cut Up
The plan was to sew along the bottom, have the cable at the front and make the top part of the back of the sweater into the flap to close the bag. The handle was going to be made from the cable that was in the centre of the sleeves. It had saddle shoulders and the cable went from one wrist all the way to the other wrist with a join at the centre back.

I sewed along the bottom and my sewing machine really struggled with it. I was going to make a pocket out of the top part of the sweater front and sew it onto the back of the bag but when I started sewing it on, the machine jammed completely. The needle wouldn’t move no matter which way I tried to turn the wheel to free it off. The only way I could un-jam it was to snap the needle with a pair of pliers and jiggle the work about until the tangled threads loosened off and I could get it off the machine.

This was going to be a longer job than I thought it would be.

I ended up having to hand sew it all and I never put the pocket on (I might add it later on).

Anyway, I sewed it all up, added the handle and put in a lining. I sewed on a button (I could have done with a bigger one) and cut a slot in the flap for the buttonhole. Here’s the finished item:

Felted Bag Finished
Felted Bag
The only thing that I wish I’d done differently is the width. I should have maybe taken an inch or so off each side to make it a bit narrower. But all in all I think it’s OK, in fact I’m quite pleased with how it turned out.

Because it took a lot longer to make than I had anticipated, I didn’t manage to get to the knitting machine at all yesterday. So I still haven’t had a go at the drive lace and pile knitting. Oh well, maybe next weekend.

Talk to you later,


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