>Cross Stitch Update

>Guess what? I’ve finally finished the cross stitch. I can’t show you a photo of it tonight as it’s in the sink having a soak – well I’ve been on with it over a year so it’s a little grubby.

I hadn’t even intended doing any of it tonight but I thought I’d pick it up and do a bit for half an hour. When I saw how little there was left to do I decided to go for it and get it finished.

This morning I started sewing up the stripey top, so that’s something else just about finished.

The next thing I want to finish off is a hand knitted jumper which I started many months ago – January 2006 to be exact. I know this because I created the pattern using the Knitware software and the date is printed on the pattern. I hate hand knitting. I’m only knitting this because the wool I’m using is too thick and bumpy for my Bond to handle. It will probably be another year (at least) before I get it finished.

Talk to you later,


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