>I’m Having A Bad Day

>This afternoon I mustered up the energy to do a bit of knitting. I started on the back of the sweater that I knitted a swatch for last week.

Everything went fine – or so I thought.

Here it is just off the machine:

(Photo no longer available)
Notice anything?
Have a closer look:

(Photo no longer available)
It’s dropped a load of stitches. That never happened when I knitted the swatch.

I was going to Swiss Darn over the mistakes but I got sick of it. Why does this keep happening?

Anyway, I’ve decided that before I knit anything else on this machine I’m going to take it apart and give it a thorough clean. Maybe there’s a build up of fluff and rubbish inside the needlebed and it’s stopping the needles from selecting properly. Does anyone have any other suggestions as to what it could be?

This sweater is now on hold until the machine is sorted out, then I’ll pull out the back and re-knit it, hopefully with better results.

Now I’m going to curl up on the settee with the duvet and feel sorry for myself for the rest of the night.

I probably won’t be posting any more now until after Boxing Day, so I’d like to wish all of you a very merry Christmas and I hope Santa brings you everything you’re hoping for.

Talk to you later,


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9 Responses to >I’m Having A Bad Day

  1. >Hope you feel better very soonlove Alison x(Originally posted on 23rd December 2007)

  2. Susan says:

    >Thanks.(Originally posted on 23rd December 2007)

  3. No Rain says:

    >The gray photos do seem like a gret match for your current problems. Hope you feel better!Aiyana(Originally posted on 23rd December 2007)

  4. steel breeze says:

    >Check that all your latches shut properly and that no needles are bent.Hope you feel better soon!(Originally posted on 23rd December 2007)

  5. hoong says:

    >Ever try hot-toddy?1 part whisky2 parts hot-water2 tea-spoon lemon juicehoney to tasteDrink hot, then off to bed. The whisky would keep you feeling warm and sleepy. The hot-liquid (water and whisky) makes you feel warm and cozy. Lemon as Vit. C, Honey basically is good natural antibiotic.Guarantee you feel much better after a few of this great flu/cold treatments.If you check some of the cold medicine off the shelf, you would find that they basically have the same kind of 'ideas'. But hot-toddy tastes MUCH, MUCH better!Get well!Cindy(Originally posted on 23rd December 2007)

  6. Nicola says:

    >I had a sore throat hit me the other day. Here's how I fend off the worst of the symptoms…wild oregano oil rubbed on my feet (great germ killer)lots of vitamin Czinc (but not on an empty stomach, it makes you feel sick)echinacea tincture or teagarlic tea – a recipe from a friend – fresh garlic, boiling water – after a few minutes, strain and add the hot infusion to the juice of a lemon and a little honey or other sweetenerand lots of water and herbal teaColds don't stand a chance when attacked with this combination!(Originally posted on 24th December 2007)

  7. >Hope you feel better today.Christmas is over for another year at least!Baby has not made an appearance yet-it likes it where it is for now. Poor Y is feeling so very uncomfortable, can't sleep, can't go anywhere, heavy as a sack of potatoes(she says), miserable and impatient to get it all over with.I expect the call any day and its Sod's law its the day I go back to work (2nd Jan).(Originally posted on 26th December 2007)

  8. Janey says:

    >Hope you feel better, Susan…I've been sick all week, I pulled myself together long enough to finish Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve day and then for Christmas when my parents came to visit…I've done nothing but sleep and be horizontal since then…I never take antibiotics but had to get some to see if it would help…ugh.(Originally posted on 27th December 2007)

  9. Anonymous says:

    >susan: espero te sientas mejor. Tus trabajo me gusta, yo quisiera tejer asi,(Originally posted on 28th December 2007)

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