>Success At Last

>I decided to have another go at knitting the sweater that keeps going wrong and guess what – it finally went right:

Sweater Back
I don’t know if it was just a fluke but it only dropped one stitch. I can hardly believe it after the performance I’ve had with it.

So what did I do differently this time?
Well, I altered the knobs on the tension mast to number 3, they were on number 4 before.
When I re-wound yesterday’s failure I waxed the wool as I was winding it which is something I don’t usually do.
After I’d knitted the ribbing I removed the ribber cast on comb.

Of the three things I did differently I think the one that mattered was probably the waxing of the yarn. I will have to get into the habit of doing that every time because it will probably save me from a lot of aggravation.

Another thing that I did differently was the rib. Last time I did 1×1 but this time I did 2×2 – the one where you have 2 up and 1 down on each needlebed. I think it looks better than the 1×1 rib.

I also shaped the shoulders by short rowing rather than by casting off so I should end up with a neater seam when I sew it up.

Hopefully when I get round to knitting the front it will go as smoothly as today’s knitting – fingers crossed.

Machine Knitting

Talk to you later,


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