>Winding Yarns

>I’ve collected lots of vintage yarns, many of which were in 1oz hanks. Some I bought at charity shops but most of them were bought off ebay. Yesterday I decided to wind them into balls. Have you ever started something and wished you hadn’t? It took me ages to wind them all, in fact I gave up on it yesterday and finished it off this afternoon. Here is the result:

Vintage Yarns
You wouldn’t think it would have taken two afternoons to wind those few balls would you? That was just the hanks, I also have loads of 1oz and 25g balls. I can’t help myself, I just have to buy the vintage stuff.

The thing is, I don’t have enough of any one yarn to make a sweater for myself. So I’m going to go through it all and see if I can figure out which yarns I can use together to make fair isle sweaters. I think I might list it all as well, by make and colour. There’s all sorts there – Jaeger Dappelwul, Emu Tweedle, Twilley’s Bubbly, Lister Lavenda, loads of Patons. This is going to be a very long job. I wonder if I’ll ever use it all up?

Talk to you later,


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