>Knitting & The Hague Linker

>Today I knitted the front of the fair isle sweater that keeps going wrong. I am pleased to announce that it went right first time. It never dropped a single stitch – can you believe it? I think the answer must be to wax the yarn. I usually use hand knitting yarns on the knitting machine so obviously I really do need to wax them so they’ll knit smoothly. I never took a photo of the knitting as it looks exactly the same as the back so I didn’t think there was much point. I’m doing the sleeves plain so I’ll have to make a tension swatch to find out which scale to use on the Knit Radar.

I’ve also been using the dreaded Hague Linker today. I say dreaded because I don’t seem to have much luck with it. I must admit though, since I bought the instructional DVD I’ve found it a lot easier to use. I decided to do the seams of the short sleeved sweater that’s been waiting to be finished for ages. Here’s what happened:

So I don’t hate the Hague Linker anymore, in fact we’re getting along fine – at the moment.

I just need to join the edges of the neckband and sew in the loose ends and the sweater will be finished.

Sweater Nearly Finished

Remember last night I said I was going to sort through all my wool and list it all so I’d know exactly what I’ve got? Well I did it but it took all night. I didn’t realise just how much I had:

And that doesn’t include the aran and the cones of yarn – alright there’s only about half a dozen cones but it all adds up doesn’t it? I really must start using it up. The trouble is that I get on ebay and start looking and before I know it there’s a load more on my watchlist and I end up bidding on it and before you know it I’ve got a load more – you know how it is.

I have seen photos on the internet of other people’s yarn stashes and I have to say that mine is nothing compared to some that I’ve seen – where do they keep it all?

Talk to you later,


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2 Responses to >Knitting & The Hague Linker

  1. tracey says:

    i am curious what are the little black clips you are using to hold the sweater on the linker?

    and what pitfalls are there as my 2nd hand linker arrives this week and would be intrigued to know what to expect

    thanks Tracey

    • susyranner says:

      The black things are little pieces of coax cable with the internal wires removed. They can be pushed onto the linker spikes and stop the work from coming off.

      The main problem I had with my linker was getting the looper set right. At first it was slightly out and that’s why it kept missing stitches.

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