>Maybe I Was Wrong

>Why did I think I’d solved my punchcard problems? What made me think that waxing the yarn was the answer?

Today I thought I’d try some of the punchcards that I had punched myself and were dropping stitches all the time. I waxed the yarn and was certain that I would have no problems this time.


1st attempt:
Punchcard Gone Wrong

2nd attempt:
Punchcard Gone Wrong

Exactly as they were doing before. I could scream, really I could.

So I decided to try one of the ones that I had punched myself and had worked before:
Punchcard Pattern
It worked perfectly with no dropped stitches.

Why? Why will some work and some not?

So then I decided to try the first punchcard I ever tested on the machine when I first got it:
Punchcard Mistake
As you can see it dropped one stitch.

Here is what happened the first time I used this punchcard:
punchcard fair isle
Not a single dropped stitch.

I really don’t know what the answer is.

Over the weekend I’m going to try and test all my pre-punched cards and see what happens. If they only drop the odd stitch here and there I won’t mind too much. Then I’m going to try what someone suggested to me which is to punch out a card the same as one of the pre-punched ones that is working OK and see if the one that I punch works or not. That might give me some idea of whether my blank cards are poor quality which could be the reason why I’m having problems.

I’ll sort this bloody machine out if it’s the last thing I do.

Still no luck on the job front but I’ve got two application forms to fill in and a letter to write so you never know.

Talk to you later,


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