>Today I decided to try out all my pre-punched punchcards on the Knitmaster 321 to try and figure out why the machine keeps dropping stitches.
First of all I tried to think of a way to wax the yarn as it was knitting. The best thing I could come up with was this:

It’s a bit crude I know but it seems to work.
Does anyone know of a better way than this to wax the yarn as it knits?

Anyway, I spent all afternoon knitting each of my punchcards and ended up with this:

punchcard knitting
It doesn’t look much for an afternoon’s work but I did learn something from it.
Four of the punchcards wouldn’t work properly:

punchcard mistakes punchcard 10
punchcard mistakes 2 punchcard 12
punchcard mistakes 3 punchcard 5
punchcard mistakes 4 punchcard 19
(I don’t think the bottom punchcard is supposed to be used for fair isle.)

What I’ve found is that where there are six or more holes punched next to each other, the next needle doesn’t seem to knit and drops the stitch. This doesn’t happen all the time but it happens enough for me to believe that it’s not just a coincidence. This means that the contrast colour will knit it’s stitches then the main colour doesn’t knit.

Strangely though, this doesn’t happen when the main colour knits six then the contrast colour knits. That is, where there’s a block of six or more un-punched and the next one is punched it’s working OK.

DSC00909 DSC00910

So, I think I’ve worked out where it’s going wrong but I don’t know why it’s going wrong.

I know it’s definitely not the sponge bar.

I’m wondering if the brushes are worn and need replacing. I did at one point put the weaving brushes on but it made no difference.

Can anyone think of anything else that could be causing it to do this?

This was the first time I’d tried most of these punchcards, here are a few that I may use for future projects:

DSC00916 DSC00915
DSC00918 DSC00917
DSC00920 DSC00919
As you can see, all of those knitted perfectly without any dropped stitches.

I think tomorrow I might copy one of those cards onto one of my own blanks just to see if it works. I had thought that part of my problem was poor quality blank cards, I’ll find out tomorrow.

Talk to you later,


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6 Responses to >Punchcards

  1. Anonymous says:

    >Hi, Susy, did you figure out why those particular cards cause your machine to drop stitches?I have some rather strange punchcards, homemade, that I have NO idea what they are for — they don't look like fair isle either. Wonder if there's a good book that explains punchcards? Have a good day, Sheila in Raleigh(Originally posted on 11th December 2008)

  2. Susan says:

    >No, I never did figure it out. The punchcards that wouldn't work on the 321 work just fine on the 700.I don't know of a book that explains punchcards but I'm sure there will be one.(Originally posted on 11th December 2008)

  3. Carol says:

    >Hi Susan, I found that making a hole in the wax & threading the yarn thru between tension discs and springs worked best as there was nowhere else to put the wax on the 700. No jams since…BUT….what an idiot I am – I thought the tension dial was the tension discs dial and the dial on the glider the stitch dial. It was only when the instructions told me to use TD10 that the penny dropped!(Originally posted on 15th December 2008)

  4. Susan says:

    >We all learn from our mistakes!(Originally posted on 15th December 2008)

  5. Anonymous says:

    >Hi Susan. Just wondering if you could help me. I have a 26 stitch punchcard pattern that I want to use. The blank punchcards that I have are only 24 stitch. To convert it, can I just delete the 1st and last stitches off the pattern or will this muck up the pattern flow. Is it possible to convert it some way? Hope this makes sense. I am self taught and have a lot to learn.Thanks for your help. Kathy from Cockatoo, Victoria, Australia(Originally posted on 10th January 2009)

  6. Susan says:

    >Hi Kathy,it would probably spoil the pattern if you remove the first and last stitches.I think you would be better off charting the pattern onto some graph paper and figuring out how to make it look right over the 24 stitches then punching out a new card.(Originally posted on 10th January 2009)

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