>Double Jacquard

>Today I had a go at Double Jacquard. I’ve been intending to try this since I bought the colour changer ages ago but I just never got round to it.

My first attempt turned out with stripes on the front and the back – no pattern. I couldn’t understand it because I’d followed the instructions in the manual to the letter.

I had another go and changed the settings on the carriage. Obviously I didn’t set it right because the work just dropped off the needles.

Then I remembered that I had another instruction book so I got that out and found that the main carriage should have been set to ‘slip’, this wasn’t mentioned in the first instruction book.

Anyway, I set the carriage up, cast on for full needle rib and put a punchcard in. I had bought these ribber punchcards off ebay and this was the first time I’d used them.

These are the results:

DSC00929 DSC00930 DSC00933
It worked! I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to try this and it actually worked. I was a bit worried that the punchcard problems I’ve been having lately would give me some problems but nothing went wrong.

Here are some more:

DSC00931 DSC00932
I’m not quite sure what the picture on the top left is supposed to be but there’s no way I’ll be using it on any sweater that I make. (Maybe I’ve just got a dirty mind but…..)

This is what the back looks like:


I’m really chuffed with myself for getting it to work with no shouting and swearing.

You need specially punched cards for the double jacquard but I decided to try a normal card just to see what would happen:

You can only just make out the pattern so I’ll stick to the proper punchcards in future.

What I really should have done today was to finish the fair isle sweater or even finish sewing up the stripey sweater but no, I had to mess about with more punchcards instead.

Talk to you later,


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5 Responses to >Double Jacquard

  1. Monique says:

    >Hey Susy great work. Do you happen to remember what yarn you used for DBJ. I tried cotton and it's a "NO!"

  2. Susan says:

    >I just used a couple of cones that I found in a charity shop, I don't think they were labelled. I think the navy was wool and the brown was a wool mix. They were quite fine, possibly 2ply or 3ply.

  3. Desiree says:

    Hi Suzy,

    Thank you! I thought it couldn’t be done on a 321!!! It did not appear on my manual. For which machine was your manual? That very same? And my last question, has to be done with a colour changer ? Can it be without?
    Thanks so much!

    • susyranner says:

      The instructions are in the colour changer manual. It may be possible without a colour changer, I’ve never tried though so I can’t say for certain.

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