>Fisherman’s Rib On The Knitting Machine

>A lady called Pat contacted me and asked if there was a way to knit Fisherman’s Rib without a ribber.

At first I thought it could be done with the Knitmaster punchcard number one and the machine set to tuck. I tried it but all it seems to do is make one side of it look a bit like the reverse side of the Fisherman’s Rib.

So I tried again, this time knitting some plain stocking stitch then laddering down every alternate stitch and re-latching it.

It’s easier for me to show you than to try and explain it so I made a video:

I can’t think of an easier way to do it without a ribber. To be honest I wouldn’t like to think I was going to knit a full jumper like this, my wrist was aching after only forty rows.

If anyone has another method of doing it I’d love to know so I can give the instructions to Pat.

Here are the two swatches, the top one was done with the ribber and the bottom one was latched up:

Machine Knit Fisherman's Rib

Talk to you later,


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