>Two Finished Sweaters

>I’ve finally finished the fair isle sweater and the stripey short sleeved sweater. I haven’t taken any photos yet, I’ll wait until tomorrow in the daylight – hopefully they’ll be dry by then. I wash my sweaters when I’ve finished them, mainly because I usually use vintage wool and with it being so old it smells a bit musty.

The cut and sew neck on the fair isle sweater didn’t go wrong but I think next time I won’t do a 2×2 rib for the neckband, It seems a little thick when it’s folded. I wasn’t even nervous when I started cutting the sweater, I just took a deep breath and did it. It’s so much easier doing necklines like this so I’ll probably do them this way all the time.

I think the next thing I’ll make will be the first project in ‘The Ribbing Attachment Part 2’ by Mary Weaver. It’s just a plain 2ply sweater so it shouldn’t be too difficult (famous last words).

Talk to you later,


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