>Sweater Photos

>So much for saying I’ll photograph the finished sweaters in the daylight – what daylight? It’s so miserable and depressing at the moment, it seems to be dark all the time. Anyway, I did my best:

short sleeved stripey sweater
fair isle sweater
I should have taken a close up photo of the cut and sew neckline on the fair isle sweater but I never thought to, maybe I’ll do that tomorrow. Nicola asked if doing the cut and sew neck made it lose it’s elasticity. Well, it doesn’t seem to have. I did a zig zag stitch with the sewing machine before I cut out for the neck then I sewed the neckband on using the Hague Linker. There seems to be plenty of stretch in it and I had no trouble getting it over my head so I don’t think there’s any problems with it.

Talk to you later,


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