>I Can’t Think Of A Title

>Thank you Sandy and Jane for your good luck wishes for my job interview tomorrow. I probably won’t get the job but it would be nice. It’s at a shop that sells arts and crafts supplies and I think it would suit me very well. We’ll see what happens.

Sandy wondered if she could do a cut and sew neckline and join the neckband using the knitting machine as she doesn’t have a Hague Linker. I’m not sure about that – I would have thought you would have to backstitch it to make it look like this:

Cut And Sew Neckline
Does anybody else know?

Here’s another photo of the neck just so Nicola can see how stretchy it is:

Stretched Neckline
As you can see there’s plenty of stretch in it to get it over my head.

A quick hello to Nik who dropped by and left a comment. Nik has an Ultimate Sweater Machine but is thinking of upgrading. I also have a Bond but I hardly ever use it nowadays. Someone else (sorry I can’t remember who it was) compared going back to the Bond after using one of the more expensive machines to going back to dial-up after using broadband. I know exactly what she means. I used my Bond for about twenty years before I bought my Knitmaster and now I wonder how I had the patience to hand manipulate all those stitches. It’s still a fun machine to use though and I’m sure one day I’ll dust it off and use it again – but without the *!#?* ribber attached. In case you don’t know about the short-lived Bond Ribber, it is rather tempremental, I call mine Beelzebub.

Talk to you later,


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