>The Knitmaster Seam Maker

>A long time ago I mentioned in my blog that I would love to find one of these:

seam maker
(Click here for a bigger picture.)

Well, I got one. It was on ebay last week for £10 + £10 postage and I was the only bidder. The seller didn’t have the instructions and she said the needle was broken but I didn’t care – I wanted it.

It arrived this morning and it is in immaculate condition:

seam maker
The carrying case doesn’t have a mark on it which isn’t bad considering it dates from the early sixties.

Here’s the offending broken needle:

broken seam maker needle
To me it just looks like a knitting machine needle so I got one of my spare Knitmaster 4500 needles and snapped the end off so it was the same length as the broken one. I had a bit of a job getting it in place but eventually I did it.

Next I had to figure out how to thread it up which wasn’t easy without any instructions – this is what it looks like inside:

inside the seam maker
Well, I threaded it up as best I could and tried to stitch along a strip of knitting. It started off OK but then it jammed up. So I tried again and again and again. I snapped the hook off the needle so I had to use another of my spares. The same thing kept happening – it would do a couple of stitches then it would jam up. It was as if the knitting was getting stuck under the presser foot.

By this time I was getting quite annoyed with it so in desperation I logged on to the Yahoo Knitting Machine group and asked if anyone could help me. I got a reply saying that it needed a special needle and they are no longer made.

So that was that, I’d manage to find a Seam Maker but it’s useless without the needle.

I went away in disgust and finished making another bag for my Etsy shop but all the time I was thinking about the Seam Maker and wondering how I could get it to work.

Then I decided to try again. I turned the handle and watched what was happening to see if I could figure out what to do. Everything seemed to be moving smoothly so I had another go at stitching the strip of knitting. This time I pulled it gently as it was feeding under the presser foot. This is what happened:

seam maker stitching
It did a perfect chain stitch.
This is the back:

back of seam maker stitching
So I managed to get it to work. It looks like the teeth things (technical term) that feed the knitting through (like those on a sewing machine) aren’t gripping it properly all the time so sometimes it’s not moving and that’s what was causing it to jam. At least I think that’s what was happening.

Anyway, at least I know it works. I may not have the right needle but I think I’ll get away with what I’m using. I’ll have another play with it some time and see if I can adjust it so that the feeder thingy works better.

Talk to you later,


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5 Responses to >The Knitmaster Seam Maker

  1. Leigh says:

    >Oh my gosh, that machine is beautiful!!! GREAT FIND!! I adore any old machine, sewing etc… I hope you get the kinks worked out soon!!(Originally posted on 5th February 2008)

  2. hugman95 says:

    >That's a cool looking machine susan. I'm trying to figure out what the use of that machine would be if you already have a linker. I guess you could make decorative straight lines in things, or maybe use it for afghans. Tell me what else you might do with it. I love learning new things.Peace,Aaron(Originally posted on 5th February 2008)

  3. Susan says:

    >Hi Aaron, really I just wanted the machine because it's old – I love vintage knitting machine stuff. If I can get it working more reliably I would use it for straight seams but it wouldn't be any good for cut and sew necklines.(Originally posted on 5th February 2008)

  4. Knittaxa says:

    >I really like your machine and hope you'll get it working right all the time!Knittaxa(Originally posted on 5th February 2008)

  5. ed says:

    >Hi there everyoneI have inherited a number of old items including:One of the "SeamMaker" machines mentioned in this post, serial number 6098, model number SM9.A Singer table sewing machine, looks to be very old. This has a variety of accessories with it although i have no idea if they relate only to the Singer or also to the SeamMaker.If these items are of interest to anyone and you would like photographs etc. please let me know.Kind regardsEd – 07703 481 262, ed@fugare1.com

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