>A Knitting Update


After a couple of days off from knitting I decided to have another go today. I have made two more items for my Etsy shop but as I haven’t any photos yet I’ll tell you what they are tomorrow. One of them is pink and the other is in a houndstooth pattern and they’re not bags or scarves. I don’t know if they’ll sell but there aren’t many of them on Etsy at the moment so I’ll just wait and see what happens when I list them tomorrow.

I still haven’t made any sales yet but it’s early days so I’m not too disappointed. I have four more bags to finish off and I intend making some more scarves to match. Maybe it’s getting a bit too close to Spring for people to be thinking about buying scarves.

I was going to start on a new sweater for myself but I don’t really know what I want so for now I think I’ll just concentrate on the Etsy stuff. I suppose my blog’s getting a bit boring to read at the moment but I’ll probably get bored with Etsy eventually and it will return to normal (whatever that is).

Talk to you later,


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