>Go On, You Know You Want One!

>Yesterday I told you that I’d made a couple of new things for my Etsy shop. Well, now I’ll tell you what they are – ladies balaclavas. Don’t laugh, I thought they were a good idea. I mean, what better way to keep your head, neck and ears warm on a cold Winter’s day? Alright, they’ll mess your hair up a bit but at least you’ll be warm.

First we have a lovely little pink number:

Pink Balaclava
pink balaclava flat
Yes, you’ll certainly stand out in the crowd when you’re wearing this.

Then we have a classic in a charcoal and white houndstooth pattern:

Houndstooth Balaclava
houndstooth balaclava side
Be the envy of all your friends and walk out in style on those cold Winter days.

Yes, alright, I’ve really lost my marbles this time haven’t I? It’s original though, isn’t it? I bet you’ve never seen a houndstooth balaclava before – well I haven’t anyway. Probably another one of my bright ideas that’s doomed for failure!

Talk to you later,


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