>My New Sweater

>Today I made a start on my punch tuck rib sweater. I followed the instructions for setting up the machine and started knitting. After about ten rows it became obvious that something wasn’t right. The stitches weren’t knitting off properly and it was starting to look a bit of a mess. So I re-checked the carriage settings – everything was right. Then I realised what it was, I hadn’t put the close-knit bar in. No wonder the stitches weren’t knitting off.

So I started again this time with the close-knit bar in place and everything was fine. I reached the armhole shaping with no mistakes and that’s where my luck ran out. I don’t know why, but after I’d done the armhole decreases I started dropping the odd stitch off the ribber but only at the edges. I decided to carry on regardless, I could always fix it after I’d cast it off.

So here’s what the back turned out like:

Sweater Back
I think it turned out OK. You can see where the dropped stitches are.
This is what I had to fix:

Dropped Stitches Dropped Stitches 2
I fixed the dropped stitches up as best I could and I don’t think they’ll be noticible once the sweater is finished and sewn together as they’ll be mostly lost in the seams.

I think tomorrow I’ll knit the front and hopefully I will manage to do it without dropping any stitches.

Talk to you later,


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