>I’ve Calmed Down Now

>I have now calmed down after my rant this morning. Maybe the person who left the comment didn’t really mean to sound so self-important, maybe I took it the wrong way and over-reacted. I still think they could have phrased the comment differently though.

So, this morning I decided to knit the front of my tuck stitch sweater. It started off OK but after about 50 rows it dropped a stitch in the middle of the bed. I was still a bit wound up and just couldn’t be chewed messing about with it so I thought it would be best to leave it until tomorrow.

Instead I decided to knit a couple more balaclavas as they are quite easy to do. You never know, I might even make a video one day showing how easy they are.

I’ll sew them up either tonight or tomorrow night.

I thought I’d join up for this Ravelry thing that people keep going on about. I believe there are some machine knitters on there (who knows, my You Tube friend might be on there as well). The last time I checked I was number 5223 in line, I wonder how long it will be before I’m in. I hope it’s worth the wait!

Talk to you later,


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