>A Letter

>A Letter To My Knitting Machine

Dear Knitmaster,

what is your problem? Why are you being so stubborn?
I know you are not enjoying knitting this punch tuck rib sweater but throwing temper tantrums is not going to get you anywhere. Do you think that by dropping the end stitches from time to time I will let you off and say you don’t have to do it anymore? Well you are wrong.

Don’t forget how you got here. You sat in that charity shop window for weeks and weeks, ignored and neglected. If I hadn’t rescued you and brought you home you would have probably ended up at the tip. It’s not too late you know, you could still end up there. Wouldn’t you rather stay here with me? Just remember all the nice things I bought you – the ribber to keep you company, the yarn changer, the knit radar, the rib transfer carriage, all the lovely punchcards – the least you can do now is show a little gratitude.

Didn’t I clean you up and oil you? Heck, I even bought you a brand new sponge bar and a close-knit bar.

So come on Knitmaster, just work with me on this one rather than against me. You only have to knit two sleeves then we’re done with the sweater. I promise I won’t make you do another punch tuck rib sweater, ever, this will be the one and only. OK?

Your ‘loving’ owner.

As you might have guessed the knitting machine played up again today when I was knitting the front of the sweater:

more dropped stitches dropped stitches
dropped stitches again
I can fix it though, it’s not too bad – It’s just a bit annoying. In the finish I was moving the weights up on just about every row. That can’t be right, surely.

Anyway, just the two sleeves to go and then it’s finished. I do hope it’s going to fit me.

Thanks to everyone for your recent comments, I do appreciate them. So it’s not only me who thought my You Tube friend was a bit of a clever so-and-so then? Never mind though, it gave me something else to rant about didn’t it. I love a good rant.

Talk to you later,


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