>Mrs Polly Head’s Nose Job

>I bought a polystyrene head, now known as Mrs Polly Head, to display my balaclavas on so I can photograph them for Etsy. This morning I put my latest balaclava on her and when I pulled it down it rubbed against her nose and pulled a couple of the polystyrene beads out and leaving two small holes. That wouldn’t have looked very good on the photos so I decided to repair it.

I got some glue, put a drop in each of the holes and carefully put the beads back into place.

Feeling pleased with my repair I went and put the rubbish out ready for the bin men.
When I came back I was horrified to see a great big crater in the nose! The glue had melted the polystyrene. Oh no, poor Polly!

I couldn’t leave her like that so I went out to the shed and found a bottle of PVA wood glue. I pulled some of the polystyrene out of the base where it can’t be seen and set about doing some cosmetic surgery on Polly’s nose. I just put a big blob of wood glue in the hole and put some bits of polystyrene in. I let it set for a while then repeated the process. I carried on doing this until her nose was completely re-built.

Here’s the result:

Mrs Polly Head
I should have taken a before photo but I never thought to. If only I hadn’t tried to glue the two polystyrene beads back on in the first place, then she wouldn’t have ended up with a nose that looks like it’s suffering from some disease. It doesn’t look as bad in this photo as it does in real life.

So my lesson today, do not use Humbrol Polystyrene Cement to glue polystyrene – you’ll just make it worse!

Sorry Polly.

Talk to you later,


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