>I thought I’d dust off the old Bond knitting machine today.

Bond Knitting Machine
This is my very first Bond. It’s dark burgandy but I’ve replaced the two end sections with sections from the blue Bond as they got broken. I used to have it clamped to a table which wasn’t very stable and the dog that I had at the time, Sheba, ran past it and knocked it. It came crashing to the ground and part of the plastic broke off two of the sections of the machine. I glued it back together but it wasn’t quite right.

When I eventually got the 30 needle extension kit the colour had changed to blue so I had a burgandy machine with two blue sections stuck on one end.

A few years later someone I worked with was selling her Bond so I bought it off her. Hers was blue so I put the blue extension kit onto that one and the burgandy machine with it’s 100 needles hardly got used after that.

Then I bought a Bond Ribber off ebay and ended up with yet another blue Bond. So I took it apart and replaced the broken sections of my original Bond. I could have just got rid of the burgandy Bond but I don’t think I could ever part with it – it was my very first knitting machine. I bought it out of a mail order catalogue when I was 18, I think it cost about £90.

Anyway, the thing that I was knitting in that photo didn’t turn out as planned so I scrapped that and knitted some hats instead. I haven’t taken any photos of the hats yet – I’ll do that tomorrow.

I’ll leave you with a few links to some bloggers who machine knit, amongst other things. There are more in my Bloglines in the sidebar, just click ‘Blogs I Read’

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Do you know of any more machine knitting bloggers?

Talk to you later,


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3 Responses to >Bonding

  1. Laritza says:

    >Thanks for the blog links. They are great!(Originally posted on 2nd March 2008)

  2. Anonymous says:

    >Hello Susan,Thanks for the links …And KEEP up with your Bond story. I bought a second hand 2,3 months ago but still have not get around to even look at it.It is a now discontinued model. I hope that would not mean nobody is using it.Cindy(Originally posted on 2nd March 2008)

  3. Susan says:

    >Cindy, lots of people are using the Bond. It's now called the Ultimate Sweater Machine but it's basically the same as the original Bond apart from the carriage and I think they now put foam under the needle retainers to stop the needles from moving about.If you join this Yahoo grouphttp://groups.yahoo.com/group/incrediblesweatermachineclubyou will find lots of people there who will be able to help you out when you are stuck.There are also many free patterns on the web.Good luck with your machine.(Originally posted on 2nd March 2008)

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