>More Bonding

>I’ve been having so much fun with my Bond. I’d forgotten just how quickly you can knit things up with it.

Here are the hats that I made yesterday:


They are really easy to make, I found the instructions in an old Bond magazine. You just cast on 54sts for the child’s or 60sts for the adults using waste yarn and KP Dot 2. Knit 6 rows then change to main yarn. Knit 114 or 128 rows straight, hang the first row of main yarn sts onto the needles – you will now have 2 sts on each needle. Knit 1 row using KP3 then cast off in backstitch making sure you have a 12″ tail of yarn when you’ve finished. Remove waste yarn. You should now have a tube. Weave the end through the edge sts every other row along one edge, gather and secure.

How easy is that?

For the blue and white striped one that Polly Head’s wearing I tried using 4ply (fingering) doubled instead of aran for the blue and it worked perfectly.

So this morning I decided that this is the way to get through my stash, as most of it is 4ply. I started off by making this hat:

striped hat

Instead of sewing in all the loose ends I tied them all together and trimmed them to make a tassel. I might make another one like this, I like the way it came out.

For my next project I decided to knit a striped green scarf. I sorted out all the different shades of green 4 ply and cast on 60 sts with an open edge cast on then started knitting in stripes with the yarn doubled:

scarf on machine

I knitted 500 rows then threaded the end through the stitches, gathered them up and fastened it off. At the cast on edge I threaded the yarn through the open stitches, gathered them up and fastened it off.

It now looks like this:

green scarf
I just need to sew the edges together.

With the green that’s left I’ll make a couple of hats.

Then I’m going to start on this lot:

wool to be knitted up
I’m just going to make hats and scarves until it’s all used up.

I will be putting them in my Etsy shop but to be honest I don’t really care if I can’t sell them – I just want all the yarn to be used up. If I don’t use it up this way it will just sit there forever and I’ll keep buying more and I know I won’t do anything with it. Now that I’ve got time on my hands I might as well work my way through it all. I’ll probably have used it all up long before I find another job.

Talk to you later,


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9 Responses to >More Bonding

  1. T says:

    >The striped hat with the tied "tails" is just brilliant! How clever that is!Congrats and good luck on your plan to plow through the stash with these projects, and thanks for the inspiration!(Originally posted on 2nd March 2008)

  2. Susan says:

    >I must admit I am quite proud of that hat!(Originally posted on 2nd March 2008)

  3. PaulaC says:

    >I love those hats and what a wonderful way to use up your stash. I am not sure I will ever get through mine, but it does not help that I keep adding to it.(Originally posted on 3rd March 2008)

  4. Susan says:

    >That's what I keep doing but this time I'm determined to use it all up. yeah, right – like I've never said that before!(Originally posted on 3rd March 2008)

  5. >love those hats susan, I can do them in the 360 too! Sometime.(Originally posted on 3rd March 2008)

  6. Nicola says:

    >Thanks for the directions. I made one of these last night. It was a bit stiff – I think I should have use KP 3. I don't have a stash, just some thrift store stuff that was passed on to me, and some leftovers. So I can make charity hats galore!(Originally posted on 3rd March 2008)

  7. vethier11 says:

    >Hi Susan, love the hats esp. the one with the stripes and tied tails, you come up with interesting projects. Do you reset your row counter after the first 6 rows of waste yarn? Are you doing 4 stripes of each color as you go, or more? I am going to try this…thanks for being so open and sharing your ideas….Violet in Canada(Originally posted on 4th March 2008)

  8. Knittaxa says:

    >Your hats are wonderful! Nice idea for using up stash. And as Violet said: thanks for sharing your ideas and patterns! There are so many (machine)knitters who don't want to…Love your blog!Greetings from GermanyKnittaxa(Originally posted on 4th March 2008)

  9. Lillian says:

    >Oh my, oh my, what lovely hats! Thanks a lot for sharing the photos and the pattern. I've been thinking of making my girls some hats for a while now, and this pattern is just brilliant.I love your colourworks, too!(Originally posted on 6th March 2008)

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