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>I have spent all day filming and editing two videos. The first one lasts just under 10 minutes and the second one is about 6 or 7 minutes. I can’t believe it has taken me so long.

The first one is ‘Punch Tuck Rib On The Knitmaster 321’.
I was knitting the first sleeve of the sweater that I started a few weeks ago. Unfortunately it didn’t turn out as planned but at least you can see how to do the punch tuck rib:

The second one is ‘Double Jacquard’.
It just shows step by step how I do double jacquard on the Knitmaster 321. I still need my instruction book to help me – I don’t think I’ll remember it off by heart.

On Thursday I decided to lay out all the mitred squares I’ve made for my blanket:

I’ve been sewing them together while I’ve been waiting for my videos to transfer from the camera and convert their audio. I’ve only knitted about half the amount I need so far but I decided to sew together the ones I’ve already knitted just to see how it will look. Once it’s completely finished, washed and pressed I think it will be OK.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to make two more videos, drive lace and pile knitting. I hope they don’t take as long as the two I’ve made today! The pile knitting video might be the X-rated one as I think there might be some strong language in it. I haven’t yet tried pile knitting so I don’t know what to expect. Maybe it’ll be easy and everything will go right – we’ll see.

Talk to you later,


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  1. >Hi Susan: Thank you so much for the new videos, they are great. As always, your teaching is so pleasant, and clear.I may be too late with this suggestion, but here it goes. Have you tried doing the punch card design in the center of the sleeve? It would be a sort of stripe of any width, with regular ribbing stitches on either side of the center. Perhaps, having the stablelizing weight of the regular rib stiches on either side of the patterned stitches would offer the support necessary to keep them from dropping.Hope this is helpful–if you have not thought of it already!^__^(Originally posted on 16th March 2008)

  2. Laritza says:

    >Thank you so much! I have been waiting all day for your videos. This morning I went to see a KM "local" dealer. I wanted to see an electronic machine in operation and told her so. I drove 50 miles EACH each way. When I got there she uncovered the machine and said: "this is the machine, this is the computer" and that was IT. She did not even show me the software program. Nothing! then asked if I had questions. I did ask her a couple but her answers were : "I am no sure, I'd have to look" Half an hour later I was out of there looking for another 50 mile drive back home. I got a lot more out of your lovely videos tonight than I did this morning. Thank you! Thank you! I will be looking forward to the ones tomorrow.(Originally posted on 16th March 2008)

  3. Susan says:

    >Laritza, that's not very good customer service is it? Surely it would have been better if she'd told you beforehand that she knew nothing about the machine. I would have been furious.Bunches of Yarn, I don't think there's a way to do what you suggested on my machine. If there was I would definitely give it a go, thanks for the idea.(Originally posted on 16th March 2008)

  4. Amoonsinger says:

    >Thanks for the videos. I have watched every one you have made since I first found them at youtube and they are all excellent. You have been the push I needed to get started learning my machines.MaryJeanne(Originally posted on 18th March 2008)

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