>Lace Carriage

>I’ve decided to look out for an LC1 lace carriage for my Knitmaster 321. If I manage to find one I will then buy a new set of needles. I believe I have to get the LC1 rather than the LC2 though I may be wrong. There is an LC2 on ebay at the moment but I’m not going to bid on it in case it’s no good for my machine. If I can’t manage to get the right one I have a few options, Punch Lace, Drive Lace, working from a chart and transferring the stitches manually or using a punchcard to select the needles and transferring them manually. The only thing with doing it the last way is that it is very time consuming, as I found out yesterday when I tried it. I may have another go and see if I can figure out a quicker way.

But now I’m going to see if I can publish this post or if AOL has cut me off AGAIN. I think AOL is having some serious issues at the moment (they still take my money off me every month though).

Talk to you later,


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