>More Bond Knitting

>I’ve been doing some more knitting on the Bond today.
I’m making a video showing how to do mock rib hems on a child’s sweater and did the front and back but when I did a sleeve I got it wrong. For the sleeves the rib is added after the sleeve has been knitted. Now if I was doing a normal rib I would have known what I was doing but this a mock rib hem that needs to be folded over.
I thought I could do it by re-hanging the sleeve, knitting the hem then hanging the first row of the hem back onto the needles, knitting a row and casting off.
Well, it worked apart from the big ridge where the hem joined the sleeve, it just wouldn’t have been comfortable to wear.
So I think the best way will be to take it off onto waste yarn then fold it inside and sew it in place. I may do that tomorrow afternoon.

Anyway, here’s what I’ve knitted so far:

childs sweater front & back
There is some armhole shaping but you can’t tell that from the photo because the sides have rolled underneath.

Video coming soon.

Talk to you later,


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