>Mock Rib Hem On The Bond Parts 2 & 3

>As I suspected I couldn’t get the rest of the mock rib hem film onto a ten minute video so I had to put it into two seperate videos.

One of them shows how to add the cuff to a sleeve that has already been knitted and the other shows how to add the neckband.

I hope some of you will find them useful.

I have another very short video to make which I was going to do today but never got around to it. Toni asked me if there was anything she could use in place of the plastic hem as she had misplaced hers though she still had the weights. The only thing I could think of was to wind waste yarn around the weights and needles so that the yarn was in the hooks and the weights were cradled in the yarn. I tried it and it worked but it was only with the short weights, I don’t know how easy it would be with the long weights. Anyway, I’ll put the camcorder to work again tomorrow and show you what I mean, it may be something you can try if your plastic hem is damaged beyond repair.

Talk to you later,


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