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I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed in my videos when I’m using the Knitmaster 321 how wobbly the knitting machine table is. This is because there are extensions on each of the legs held on with hose clips. The thing is no matter how tight the hose clips were the extensions would still move about. So last night I decided I would take them off completely. I knew it would lower the table a lot but now I can sit at the machine rather than have to stand to do my knitting. I don’t mind standing but it will make a nice change to be able to do it sitting down. The trouble with lowering the table is that now the two little sets of drawers that were under it will no longer fit. There is nowhere else to put them so I’ll have to get rid of them, I’ll probably offer them on Freecycle. I know they are a bit old and battered but I’m sure someone will find a use for them. If not I think they’ll end up at the tip.

So, where was I going to store the stuff out of the drawers? Well, we’ve got this filing cabinet. Billy scrounged it when the place he used to work at years ago were having a clear out and were getting rid of it. The filing cabinet is very useful as it has four big drawers which are ideal for putting things in and forgetting about them. Today I decided that if I got rid of some of the forgotten things I could get some of the stuff in from out of the other drawers. So that is how I spent most of today. The shredder has been working overtime. There were payslips, bank statements, mortgage statements, personal pension statements, receipts – some of them were over ten years old! I filled four bin bags with rubbish, I couldn’t believe how much crap was in there. Even worse is the fact that we only moved to our present house six and a half years ago so we brought a lot of that crap with us!

Anyway, apart from the four bin bags of rubbish I ended up with a little pile of things that I’m thinking of putting on ebay, just bits and pieces that people might want, if not they’ll go in a charity sack. I’ve also got about ten mobile phones, our old ones that aren’t used anymore. One of them is the old Motorola Flare analogue phone that I’ve mentioned before (the brick) and some of the others aren’t much smaller than it. I’m charging them up and I’m going to check them all and put them back to their factory settings. I think there’s a charity that takes old mobile phones so I’ll see if they want these museum pieces.

So after all that I ended up with two empty drawers in the filing cabinet so I put all the knitting machine attachments in one of them and the other one is still empty for now, let’s see how long it is before it’s full of rubbish again.

The yarn that was in the drawers I’ve managed to squeeze into storage boxes in the cupboard. Which brings me on to what I’m doing tonight. You know I said I’d got through a lot of my stash by doubling the yarn up and knitting hats and scarves on the Bond? Well all the little bits that are left from the balls of wool just get put in a carrier bag (or two) so eventually I end up with this lot:


I know it doesn’t look like much but then there’s this:

To Be Unravelled
That’s all the tension squares and stitch samples and things that went wrong. I am in the middle of unravelling them

I just can’t bear to throw any of it away, I have to use it for something. I’m sure I’m not the only one who hangs on to every last little piece of yarn ‘just in case I find a use for it’.

I did manage to convince myself that I really don’t need these little bits and in the bin they went:

Thrown Away

I have got something in mind for the leftovers which will involve the colour changer but that’s all I’m saying (as if you can’t guess).

Right, I’m off to do some more unravelling.

Talk to you later,


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