>Spot The Difference

>Last week I knitted the back (or it could have been the front) of my leftover sweater. I have since knitted both the sleeves and this afternoon I decided to knit the front (or it could be the back).

After I’d knitted it I put it next to the other one, notice anything wrong here?

Back & Front

Have another look:

Pattern 1 Pattern 2

Same punchcard, same carriage setting – tuck, same tension, changed the yarn in the feeder every two rows. I know exactly what I did wrong. On the first one I knitted the first two rows of the pattern in the same colour as the ribbing, on the second one I changed to the contrast yarn for the first two rows of the pattern and that completely changed how the pattern looks. But do you know what? It can stay like that. This is after all just a sweater made from leftovers. It will probably only be worn in the house or when I’m doing the gardening. Who cares whether the pattern matches or not? In other words, I can’t be bothered to pull it out and re-knit it. A lot of the wool has already been knitted, pulled out and re-knitted, it was just a shame to throw it away when there was enough to make something out of it. So this will be another of my hideous creations but don’t worry, my next one will be wonderful – maybe.

Talk to you later,


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3 Responses to >Spot The Difference

  1. steel breeze says:

    >You inspired me to have a go with two colour slip (I'm fascinated by no-float techniques) and the first attempt came out right (but the yarn snapped). The second attempt came out wrong, but I couldn't be bothered to stop – it's for charity.On my km you have to start the slip pattern when the carriage is on the right, thus one row of slip and then immediately change colours. Oh well, I shall know next time!(Originally posted on 8th April 2008)

  2. Susan says:

    >Mine's the same, I should have said that on the first one I knitted the first row with the same colour I used for the rib and on the second one I changed to the contrast colour for the first row.(Originally posted on 8th April 2008)

  3. Susan says:

    >No, ignore my last comment, I don't know what I'm talking about! I didn't use the colour changer for the two colour tuck stitch so what I said in the blog post was correct. I was using the colour changer yesterday for something completely different. I'm easily confused…….(Originally posted on 8th April 2008)

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