>Making Jewellery

>Can you remember a while ago I said I’d got a couple of bead making kits and was going to make some jewellery to sell? Well, today I made some jewellery. I thought it would be a doddle, what could be difficult about threading a few beads onto wires and cords, a couple of hours and I’d have all sorts of things to sell. Wrong. After 5 hours of cursing and swearing this is all I’ve made:

Jewellery Making
What a pathetic attempt! Holding the wires and bending them with the pliers is so fiddly and trying to thread some of the beads onto the cords was just about impossible as the holes were just that little bit too small. I had all these ideas about what I would make but when I sat down to do it my mind just went blank. I sat and stared at all these beads and wires and thought to myself “where do I start?”

I think after I’ve used up all the cords and wire thingys that will be the last time I try this jewellery making lark.

Talk to you later,


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