>Tension Swatch

>I’ve pressed all the pieces of my never-to-be-worn-in-public leftover sweater and I’ll probably do the cut and sew neckline at the weekend.

I’ve also done a tension swatch for a Summer cardigan that I’m planning to make:

It’s done in mesh knitting which is one of the things I tried for the first time a couple of weeks ago. I have no idea what the yarn is, I bought a load of it from a charity shop last year. It’s very fine so should be perfect for a light Summer cardi. I’m planning to use the Knit Radar so I think it will be fairly easy (famous last words).

I’ve also got some really dark grey/black yarn which I’m thinking of making a zip-up sleeveless jacket (gilet?) with. I might do it with a rib tuck stitch which is in the SRP50 manual but I haven’t decided for definite yet, it may be another idea that gets abandonned.

Thanks to everyone for your words of encouragement regarding the things I’m trying to sell. I’ll just keep plodding on with it and see how it goes. I will be adding the jewellery that I made, after all it is one-of-a-kind exclusive ‘designer’ stuff isn’t it? Well, maybe not!

Talk to you later,


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