>Leftover Sweater

>As promised, here is the finished leftover sweater:

Leftover Sweater Front

Leftover Sweater Back

I did a cut and sew neckline but I didn’t do the front quite deep enough. I think I might have to buy some proper templates so I can make a better job of future necklines. I did try to make a template by putting a sheet of paper inside one of my jumpers and drawing around the neckline but of course there was already a neckband sewn on so the size wasn’t quite right. However, as this jumper won’t be worn in public apart from in the back garden or under a coat it doesn’t really matter how bad it looks.

This afternoon I knitted the back of the mesh knit cardigan. It was quite time consuming as you have to move the P cariage from left to right on the ribber bed, knit one row, move the P carriage from right to left on the ribber bed, knit one row then move the P carriage from right to left on the main bed. These steps are repeated all the way through. I did have a nasty moment when I lost concentration for a moment and moved the P carriage to the right on the ribber bed and without thinking started to move it back to the left. Of course the knitting started falling off the needles but I stopped before I’d lost more than about twenty stitches. I quickly took all the weights off and got the stitches back onto the needles before it started to ladder. I had to re-knit a few stitches but it all worked out OK which was just as well as I’d reached the armhole shaping and didn’t fancy having to start all over again.

Mesh Knit Cardigan Back
It will look a slightly different after it’s been washed, the holes will close up a little bit, well they did on the swatch I made after I’d washed it so I assume the cardigan will go the same way.

Here’s a closer view of the pattern:

Mesh Knitting
I hope this one turns out OK, I think it will be an ideal Summer cardigan.

Talk to you later,


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