>Knitted Grocery Bags

>When we went to the supermarket the other day they were trying to encourage people to re-use their carrier bags instead of getting new ones every time. The lady at the checkout handed Billy a sticker and a fridge magnet. He looked at them then looked at me and was about to say something so I said “don’t even think about it”. Here’s why:

The less said about that the better!

Anyway, I decided to try and come up with my own pattern for machine knitted string grocery bags. After two failed attempts this is what I came up with:

Red String Bag
I used cotton DK and every fourth needle at T10. It came out OK but I think I made it too long. In the photo there are twelve 385g tins of dog food in it. I don’t think there’s any danger of the bag breaking but the weight stretches it too much.

So next I made another one but knitted less rows:

Blue String Bag
Again there are twelve tins of dog food in it but this time they only just fit – I made it too short. It might be a handy bag to have with you if you were only buying a few things but it’s not quite what I had in mind.

So tomorrow I’m going to have another attempt and this time I’ll try and knit the right amount of rows to make a bag which is in between the sizes of the red and blue ones. I have a few balls of cotton DK and 4ply which I would like to use up and I think these bags will be an ideal project for this.

Talk to you later,


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