>Machine Knitted String Grocery Bag


String Bag Flat String Bag Empty String Bag Full

Knitted on the Knitmaster 321 (standard guage)

I used a 100g ball of DK cotton but there was some left over.

Push 113 needles to B position then move every alternate needle back down to A position.
Using waste yarn, cast on over the remaining needles in B position and knit a few rows.

Join main yarn and set tension dial to 10.

* Knit 6 rows.

Transfer the stitch from the second needle in working position onto the third needle in working position. Transfer the stitch from the next needle in working position onto the following needle in working position. Do this all along the work.
You should end up with one needle in work, three needles out of work all the way along.

RC 000

Knit 66 rows.

Bring the centre needle from each group of three out of work needles into B position.
Knit 2 rows.
This forms the eyelets that you will thread the handle through.
Cast off. *

Turn the work upside down and re-hang the first row of main yarn stitches back onto every alternate needle.

Repeat from * to *.

For the handle bring 7 needles to B position and push every alternate needle back to A position so you are knitting over 4 needles.
Cast on and knit 240 rows. Cast off.

Join the side seams of the bag.
Thread the handle through the eyelets and sew the two edges together.

String Bag Top Close-Up Base Of String Bag
Inside String Bag String Bag Folded Up

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