>Trying To Knit A Sleeve

>I decided to get on and knit the first sleeve of the mesh knit cardi.
I cast on and knitted the setting-up rows, released the punchcard, knitted one row, was halfway along the second row when the wool snapped.

So I started again and this time I managed to get as far as this:

Sleeve Gone Wrong
before the wool snapped again.
50 rows, that’s all I managed before it went wrong. I don’t know if it’s because the yarn is so fine that if it gets slightly snagged it just breaks or if it’s been got at by moths. I don’t really think the moths have been at it – I wouldn’t have thought I would be able to manage more than a couple of rows before it breaks every time if they had.

One thing I do know though, is that I’m now totally fed up with it. I want to get it finished but it seems determined not to let me. After the wool snapped the second time today I walked away from it. It’s just so frustrating, I had it pictured in my mind how I hoped it would look and so far it’s working out OK, it’s just so annoying when the wool snaps. I can’t really re-knit the last row because it’s done in mesh knitting where you drop the stitches off the main bed (like you do with drive lace) and I just wouldn’t know where I was at with it. I was tempted to just make it into a sleeveless jacket but I think it will look much better with sleeves – that’s if I can ever knit the things without the bloody wool snapping!

Talk to you later,

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