>At Last – A Sleeve!

>I finally managed to knit the first sleeve of my cardigan:

One Sleeve Finished
I just tacked it into place to see what it looks like.

Violet suggested I put the yarn in the freezer as that might stop it from snapping so I did that and it seemed to work – at first. It was going great until row 127 when it snapped. I couldn’t believe it. But I decided to carry on regardless and see what it came out like.

Well, you can’t see where it snapped and I don’t think it will ladder but I will have to do something with the ends. You can see where it snapped but only if you know where to look, otherwise you wouldn’t notice it.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get the second sleeve done and maybe, just maybe I’ll manage to do it without the wool snapping again.

Talk to you later,


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  1. Anonymous says:

    >Oh Susan its beautiful , sorry your having so much trouble with the yarn.. I was working on another afghan and got half way threw it and when I went to go back over on more row .. it tipped and the whole machine fell on my hand and leg . I dont have a place on the machine to put a clamp unless I drill holes in it mine didnt come with a place to put clamps .. well anyway when it fell all or most of the needles fell out to one of the green bars fell out also what a mess but I did manage to make a hat out of my mess . besides the my hand cut and brused front of my leg , I guess I will survive.. Can't wait to see your finished product.Toni(Originally posted on 4th May 2008)

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