>An Update On The Cardigan

>This evening I knitted the second sleeve of the cardigan.

I decided to press all the pieces to make them easier to work with. As I’ve no idea what the content of the yarn is I thought I’d better do the bleach test on a strand before putting the steam iron on it, just in case it was acrylic – I didn’t want to ruin it. I needn’t have worried though as the bleach dissolved it completely so it’s obviously wool. I suspected it was but thought it best to find out for certain.

Next I need to put some hems on all the pieces, as they all look like this:

No Hem Yet

I’ll have to re-hang them onto the machine, knit the hems then fold them over and sew them down. I think I should just do plain stocking stitch rather than ribbing or mock ribbing, I think it will look better.

To be honest I never even thought about the hems when I cast on, I just followed the instructions in the ribber book for how to work the pattern. I’m sure I’ll be able o do it though – how hard can it be?!

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2 Responses to >An Update On The Cardigan

  1. T says:

    >I've been meaning to tell you that the sweater looks amazing! I'm still jealous that you have the body to be able to wear it, but I'll just have to get over myself. Great job!(Originally posted on 7th May 2008)

  2. Leigh says:

    >Good luck! Gorgeous work so far!!!(Originally posted on 7th May 2008)

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