>Cardigan Hems

>I knitted all the hems onto the cardigan and they now all look like this:

Cardigan Hem

It’s all sewn together and is just awaiting the front bands. I have decided to do them in double rib. The tricky part will be attaching them, I may have to do it by hand rather than with the linker. I’m not very good at joining rib with the linker, I usually end up with a wonky join. Both the fronts ended up longer than the back, not because I knitted more rows but because of the weights. I will have to try and ease the fronts into the bands so that they end up the same length as the back then hopefully when it’s been washed it will even itself up properly. Somehow I don’t think the bands are going to be as easy to do as the hems were.

Talk to you later,


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