>New Swatch, New Job

>I knitted the swatch for my next project:

Tension Swatch
I’m sure you find the photo totally uninteresting, just plain stocking stitch. I had intended to use a ribbed stitch but having seen how much wool I have for the gilet, I don’t think there would have been enough. So instead I’m doing it plain just to be on the safe side.

Some good news – I’ve sold another two balaclavas! They were both bought by the same person but that doesn’t matter, they still sold. I think I’ll have to knit a few more but I don’t know when I’ll get the chance because guess what ………. I’ve got a new job!

At long last someone has offered me a job. I went for the interview on Friday and was told they’d let me know that evening. When I never got a phone call I just assumed I hadn’t got it but they phoned me this afternoon and said it was mine if I still wanted it.

It’s more hours than my last job and there are some 6am starts (I’m not a morning person) but I’ll soon get used to that. My first shift is on Tuesday so I’d better get a bit of knitting in before then.

Talk to you later,


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