>A New Project

>This afternoon I started on a new project. I don’t know if it’s going to come out the right size but if it doesn’t I’ll just pull it out and re-knit it at a different tension.

This is the back:

Sweater Back

I think the white must be a slightly thicker yarn than the pink even though they both seem to be DK. I knitted the pink at T7 and the white at T9. If it’s too small (which I think it might be) I’ll pull it out as far as the pink hem and re-knit the white at T10.

This is another attempt at a gilet. The pattern I’m using is for a zip up jacket but I’m not going to knit any sleeves, I’m going to knit bands instead.

Really I think I’d be better off re-knitting the white part before I do anymore because I know deep down that it’s not going to be right. The fabric is a little bit stiff and I’m fairly certain that it’s going to be too small. Stubborn, me? Never!

Talk to you later,


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