>I Must Resist

>Can you remember a while back I found a Knitmaster Chunky 151 machine in a charity shop? I think I was charged only £5 for it if I remember rightly. Well, on my way home from work this evening I passed the same shop and saw propped up in the window a Knitmaster Chunky 150 which I think is just about the same a the 151. It wasn’t that machine that took my interest though, it was the two ribbers which were propped up beside it. They were facing the wrong way so I couldn’t see a model number on either of them and the shop wasn’t open for me to go in and have a look. From what I could see I think they are both chunky ribbers and I’m assuming that one of them will fit the 150 that’s in the window. So if it will fit that one it will fit my 151. I couldn’t see any carriages with them but they might have stored somewhere.

Now here’s my dilema. I have only used the 151 a couple of times so is it worth my while buying the ribber? Will it just be more clutter taking up space in the spare room where I do my knitting? I hardly ever use aran or chunky yarns nowadays so what would be the point of buying a ribber for a machine that’s not likely to be used much? If I buy it how will I get it home? I can’t very well balance it on my bike can I? If I don’t buy it, what if in a few years time I start using the chunky machine a lot – I will kick myself for not getting it when I had the chance.

I asked myself these questions all the way home and eventually convinced myself that I really don’t need it, I would just be buying it for the sake of it, like I did with the main bed. Besides, I don’t even know how much they want for it, if it’s all there and in working order or even if it’s the one that will work with the 151 (I don’t even know if it’s a Knitmaster!)

I’ve decided I’m not even going to go into the shop to have a look at it. I must be strong and resist temptation.

If anyone reading this lives in or near Darlington and you’re after a Knitmaster Chunky machine and (possibly) a ribber to go with it, call into The Mayor’s Charity Shop in Duke Street – you may find yourself a bargain.

Talk to you later,


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