>Another Knitting Update

>I finished the second front of my sweater and even managed to knit one of the armbands:

(Sweater Front)

I’ve pinned it together and tried it on. I think the armbands will be alright, even though the one I’ve done looks a bit strange. The pattern I’m using is for a jacket with sleeves so I’m making the armbands up as I go along. I did remember to write down how I did the first one because by the time I do the second one I will have forgotten what I did.

When I tried it on I got the feeling that I’m going to have a struggle to fasten it. It will have wide front bands and a zip but even so I think it’s still going to be quite tight. I’ll have to see how it turns out.

(Sweater Back)

An anonymous person left a comment on one of my posts yesterday asking if I know where they could purchase 12 stitch punchcards. This was the second time I’ve been asked this and luckily I still had the link that I’d found stored on my computer. So this is the place I directed both these people to The Knitting Closet.
I’ve never ordered from here before so I don’t know how quickly they ship or whether they ship internationally but it was the only place I found that sells 12 stitch punchcards. Does anyone know of anywhere else they are available from?

Talk to you later,


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