>Sweater Nearly Finished

>I spent some time at the knitting machine this afternoon and have finally finished knitting my sleeveless jacket:


Now all that remains to be done is the sewing up (I’m really looking forward to that part) and the zip. I’ll have to see if I can find an open ended zip, I think there’s only one shop in town that sells zips now so if they don’t have one I’ll have to have a look online. I’m sure I’ll find one from somewhere.

I also finished knitting the balaclava I started about a month ago:


Once this one’s sewn up I think I’ll make a couple more. I will be putting them up for sale in my Etsy shop as balaclavas are the only thing I’ve managed to sell so far. I wish people would leave feedback when they receive the items, at least it would let me know that they’ve arrived safely.

I received an email from someone in Sweden asking me how to set up the ribber on a Knitmaster 360. I don’t have the 360 but I’m guessing that it’s set up more or less the same as the 321 so I made a short video showing how I attach the SRP50 ribber to the KM321:

I hope this helps, Jadwiga (I hope I got your name right).

Talk to you later,


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