>Busy Day

>I’ve had quite a busy day today ironing, tidying, vacuuming, gardening but I managed to find a little time to start sewing up the sweater that I’ve been making for what seams like forever now. I’ve sewn one side and maybe I’ll sew the other side tonight (or maybe not) which will just leave the front band. One thing that I’m certain of is that if I try to fasten it it’s going to be very tight around the waist. I will still put a zip in though, even though it will probably never be used.

I no longer need to resist the temptation of the knitting machine and ribber in the charity shop because it’s gone. I walked past yesterday on my way home from work and it wasn’t in the window so either it’s been sold or they’ve got rid of it. I’m quite relieved actually because if it had been there much longer I would have probably cracked and went in to have a look at it. I had told Billy about it the day before and he said I should get it but I think that was just to make him feel less guilty about buying new filters and stuff for his camera. Anyway, he knows if I’d really wanted it I would have just got it whether he liked it or not!

Talk to you later,


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