>Bargain Yarn

>On my dinner break today I decided to have a look round some of the charity shops. I was hoping to find some black yarn so I could make a sweater for work – we have to wear black or white. The first couple I went into had no yarn at all but in the next one I found this:

Cones Of Yarn
A cone of lilac and a cone of white Bramwell acrylic for only £1.29 each. I know I was looking for black but I suppose white will do and as lilac is one of my favourite colours I just had to buy that one as well. They also had some yellow, navy and grey but I decided not to bother with them after all I am supposed to be using up my stash, not adding to it.

As I still had some time to kill I went into one more charity shop (there are quite a few in our town) and they had some chenille and velvet yarns. The velvet was light blue and there was only three or four balls of it but there must have been about twenty ball of the chenille in green. I was tempted but I stopped myself. What would I do with twenty balls of green chenille? It would just go in the cupboard and be forgotten about. Besides, they wanted £7.50 for it and although that’s not really expensive it would have been a waste of money. So all I bought was my two cones of acrylic.

I’m thinking I might make a lacey top with the white (if I ever find the time) but I’m not sure what I’ll make with the lilac. No doubt I’ll think of something.

Talk to you later,


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