>Trying To Use A Lace Carriage

>A while ago I asked if it was possible to use a lace carriage on the Knitmaster 321. I found that you can use one if you put the type 2 needles in your machine, these are more flexible than the original needles.

I went ahead and bought a lace carriage off ebay with the intention of replacing the needles. But when the lace carriage arrived I just had to try it out. I have some spare needles so I wasn’t worried about breaking any.

To my surprise the stitches seemed to be transferring OK but sometimes they transfer onto the sinker posts (or whatever you call them) and not onto the needles and sometimes they miss the needles and just ladder.

I made a video showing what happens:

So, what do you think? Are the needles flexing enough? If not then they are obviously the original needles. Do you think that is the problem or do you think I’m doing something wrong? I know I need some edge thingies (don’t know the proper name) but I don’t think that they are the reason that the stitches aren’t transferring properly. I don’t know why I’m asking really, I’m fairly certain it’s the needles that are the problem.

Can anyone help?

Talk to you later,


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