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>I would like to thank everyone who left comments and sent emails with suggestions on why the lace carriage wasn’t working properly. Unfortunately none of these worked so I have resigned myself to the fact that I just can’t use this lace carriage on the 321. At least I tried though.

I made the lace carriage video so that people could see what was happening so they would know exactly what the problem was and apparently some people have found it ‘excrutiating’, ‘painful’ and ‘agony to watch’ but they never offered me any help or solutions.

I would like to point out to people that I never claimed to be a machine knitting expert, in my You Tube videos I show the way I do things which aren’t necessarily the ‘correct’ way.

Well, maybe you’re right, why should I bother spending time making these videos? Why don’t I just leave it to the experts? After all they are obviously so much better at machine knitting than I am.

Here are some of the comments from the Yahoo Knitting Machine group:

“I found the video – I had to stop it half way through – it was just too

The noise of the tortured needles was heartbreaking.

Why – when it is obvious that it is not working, does she keep on forcing
the carriage across the needles?”

“I took a look at the video the same person did on cables – I thought that
the tension was rather tight, as you could hear the struggle to remove the
stitches from the needles, and then to put them back on the machine, and
then – slam – bang – crunch – she certainly belives that machinery is there
to be hammered.

I’d have been knitting at a higher setting on the T dial, and put ribber
needles into work on the crossover rows to catch yarn to then be released to
make the cross over easier.

Maybe I should start to put out videos to show the easy ways to do things.
It would certainly be easier on my nerves.”

“Go for it Anne – I am sure you would be saving a lot of new MKers future
heartache! I have tried watching these videos and just cannot make it through
the whole of one of them – I find them excrutiating to watch!”

“I agree with you, it is agony to watch. I hope all new knitters don’t think that
machine knitting is a punishment for wanting to knit faster. :-)”

“In my opinion, new knitters wanting to learn to use a KM by watching videos,
would be well advised to purchase a set of proper instructional videos put out
by one of the recognised MK tutors. There are tutors on both sides of the
Atlantic who have video lessons for sale that would be a lot more reliable than
those on U-tube.

Don’t risk ruining a good KM by copying what others are doing unless you are
assured that the teacher knows what he/she is doing.”

Do you know what, I think I really will remove all my videos this time and delete this blog at the same time. Why am I even bothering with it?

UPDATED: I have now removed all my YouTube and LiveVideo machine knitting videos from public view.

I may make them public again at some point in the future but for now they will remain private.

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