>Thank You

>Oh my goodness, I think this got a bit out of hand didn’t it?

I am so overwhelmed by all your comments and emails, I really don’t know what to say. I have replied to as many of your emails as I could but there were so many that I haven’t had time to get to them all yet. I really do appreciate you all taking the time to comment. I knew I had a lot of You Tube subscribers but I didn’t realise so many more people watched my videos. I know they aren’t brilliant and I often make a fool of myself when I make daft mistakes but I didn’t realise that was the reason so many of you enjoy them! All I wanted to do when I started making them was to help people out when they get stuck, not to tell them the correct way to do things but just to show the things that work for me.

It has been suggested to me a couple of times that I put them onto DVDs and sell them but it’s not something I’ve ever considered. I would rather people be able to see what I’m doing and decide whether or not to do things the same way as me – what works for me with my machine might not work for others.

That is why the criticism angered me so much. I can take constructive criticism but I felt as if I was being ridiculed for doing things my way. In my opinion if you don’t try things out you’ll never know for certain if they’ll work or not. Instruction manuals are perfect for showing you how the machine works and how to use it but why just stick to the rules? Let your hair down, live dangerously, take a few risks – try something new.

I was going to post a reply to the Yahoo group, I even typed it out a couple of times but I deleted it rather than send it. I didn’t want to get into a slanging match with anyone so I chose to keep quiet.

I wrote the last blog post when I was still furious which maybe I shouldn’t have done maybe I should have waited until I’d calmed down a bit first. However, this is my own personal blog where I can express my feelings so I don’t think it was wrong of me to write about how annoyed I was.

In a fit of temper I made all my videos private. I haven’t removed them, they are still there but only I can see them. I will make them public again, I just don’t know when. I will probably continue to make more videos in the future, again I don’t know when. Heck, I paid £400 for a camcorder do you think I’m going to let it sit there doing nothing – not a chance!

The machine I use cost me £10 from a charity shop, maybe if I’d paid hundreds of pounds for it I would treat it more gently. If I didn’t think it could take being handled the way I do then I wouldn’t do it. I don’t ‘hammer the carriage’ every time I use it, in fact most of the time it runs very smoothly. I have yet to replace a needle on it though I have lots of spares if I ever do manage to break one.

I am very stubborn! If someone tells me that something is not possible or will not work I will try my damndest to prove them wrong. I was told the lace carriage would not work on my machine but I was also told that it would work if I changed the needles. Of course when the lace carriage arrived I had to try it out (well, wouldn’t you have done the same?) even though I hadn’t changed the needles. When I tried it the stitches were actually transferring so I wondered if my needles had been changed by the previous owner. I haven’t seen the two types of needles side by side to compare them so I really don’t know which ones are in the machine.

That is the reason I made the video – to ask for help. I got a few suggestions which I tried but they didn’t make any difference so I assumed that the lace carriage just wasn’t going to work with this machine.

But this morning I thought I’d have another go. At first it wouldn’t work, it would either drop the odd stitch or transfer it onto the sinker post (as was happening in the video). So I moved the knitting so that it was in front of the ribber rather than hanging behind it and I added more weight – lots more weight. I also oiled every part of the underside of the lace carriage that moved. This is what I produced:

You can see at the bottom where it all kept going wrong but what about the rest of it? Looks OK to me. I checked the stitches after every row and although it missed a couple of stitches here and there it was nowhere near as many as before.

Admittedly this is a simple lace pattern, how it would cope with anything more complicated or with the fashion lace remains to be seen.

I’m glad I’m stubborn. Those who said it wouldn’t work can KISS MY DARLINGTON ARSE!

Talk to you later,


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