>More Lace

>I tried knitting Fashion Lace (is that what you call it?) this afternoon. Here is the result:

Fashion Lace

It’s still dropping stitches here and there but I can put up with that. I have to check every row as I go but it’s still quicker than hand manipulating every stitch. I need to figure out exactly how many weights I should be using and where to position them. When I started off I wasn’t dropping any stitches but then I re-positioned the weights and started dropping odd stitches.

I’m just pleased that I got it working. I’m going to punch out some more cards to try but nothing too complicated. I think the more transfers there are in a row the more it’s going to struggle.

I’ve made all my videos public again – how could I refuse? I’m hoping to make some more soon though when it will be I don’t know. I have a lot less time for knitting since I started my new job. Not that I’m complaining – I’d rather be working than unemployed.

Talk to you later,


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