>Tension Swatch

>I’m going to knit a short sleeved sweater out of the cone of white acrylic that I bought at the charity shop. I’ll be using the knit radar for this and as I’ve been asked to make a video showing how to use the knit radar I thought I’d video this project.

The first part just shows how to knit the tension swatch – I don’t know when I’ll actually get round to knitting the sweater but at least it’s a start.

Having managed to make a mistake when I was knitting the tension swatch I have to wonder if I’m going to manage to get through the rest of it without messing it all up! I bet I’m not the only one who’s forgotten to do something simple like release the punchcard.

Here’s the finished swatch:

Tension Swatch

And here’s a close-up of the stitch pattern:

Swatch Close-Up

As I said in the video it’s card 4 from the basic Knitmaster set knitted in tuck stitch so it’s probably one that you’ve seen before.

I have yet to decide which knit radar pattern I’m going to use, I may have to draw my own – I don’t know yet.

Talk to you later,


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