>It Has Arrived

>There was a knock on the door this morning, it was the parcel man and he brought me this:


As soon as I opened the box I knew………


The most obvious thing is that the lid is missing – not a good start. Also, as you can see there was nothing inside to protect everything and stop it from moving about. Even a little bit of bubble wrap would have been better than nothing.

I took the carriage and sinker plate out, they seemed to be OK. Then I had a closer look at the machine bed – not so good:


I think the damage was probably caused in transit due to it being poorly packaged – I can repair it. Then I thought ‘hang on, I thought it was supposed to have a built in knit radar’, so I looked again at the model number and it is in fact a 260, not a 360.


To be fair to the seller though she did describe it as a 360/260K.

The seller also said in the description “all the accessories you need”.

Here are the accessories that were with it:

That’s it. One broken transfer tool and two badly damaged claw weights. There wasn’t even any clamps with it. There were 16 punchcards and one punchcard clip.

However, when I removed the sponge bar it appeared to be in good condition:


I have removed all the needles and cleaned them, well all the ones that were there – I think there were about 10 missing. I compared one of them to one of the ones from my 321 and I can’t see any difference – they are both as flexible as each other.

Anyway, I’ve taken both the end caps off the needlebed and after looking inside I don’t think it’s ever been cleaned out so my next job is to remove all the fluff. Believe me there is a lot!

I found this needle inside when I took the end caps off:


Does anyone have any idea what it’s for? It’s about 3 inches long.

I also found two more punchcard clips inside the machine.

I’ve sent a message to the seller through ebay asking her if she’s sent the accessories seperately and if the clamps are included as I need them to attach the machine to the table. I think you know as well as I do that I will probably never hear from her but I can live in hope can’t I?

So, I’m going to clean it all up and put it back together then see if I can get it to work.

Talk to you later,


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